We’re on the road a lot this spring – Getting ready for Chile!
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Happy Easter! We hope that you are well and that this Easter you will have time to reflect on the amazing good news of Christ’s victory in the resurrection. We serve an incredible savior.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of travel and activity. Since mid-January, we have been to Atlanta (4 times for 5 events), Augusta, GA, Dothan, AL, and Washington, MO. Thank you, ChristChurch Presbyterian (Atlanta), Christ Community Church (Atlanta), First Presbyterian Church (Augusta), New Port Presbyterian Church (Washington, MO), and Westwood Presbyterian Church (Dothan, AL) for the opportunities to preach, to encourage, and to be encouraged by you. We are grateful to see how the Lord is working in your midst and how you are each seeking to live out Christ’s mission in your local communities.

All in all, our schedule has included a lot of driving and a lot of talking (we quickly get tired of talking about ourselves!), but mostly it has been a wonderful time of getting to connect with great churches and supporters. We are so thankful for all these churches and church members! Thank you for your hospitality, for your love, and for your partnership in the gospel!

The next few months bring more of the same. Lord willing, we’ll visit:

  • April 1-3 Westminster Presbyterian in Huntsville, AL
  • April 10 Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, TN
  • April 10-15 Parakaleo training for Amy in Dickson, TN
  • April 17 Steve will be preaching at Zion Presbyterian in Columbia, TN
  • April 20-21 Zion Reformed in Winesburg, OH
  • April 22-24 Harvest Presbyterian in Medina, OH
  • April 25-May 2 Steve will be at a leadership retreat in Cusco, Peru
  • May 3-6 Steve will be meeting with the MTW team in Bogota, Colombia
  • May 11-18, California – we’ll head to Trinity Presbyterian in San Luis Obispo, CA and Redeemer Presbyterian in Santa Rosa, CA

If you will be in these areas and want to get together, please let us know!

In April, Amy has the opportunity to do training with a ministry called Parakaleo. She, along with several other women, will receive training to help them come alongside the wives of church planters. Missionary wives and church planter wives have to carry heavy loads. There is so much pressure on them to “have it all together,” and too often people’s displeasure with the church planters gets communicated to their wives.

In addition to travel and preaching, I have been working as the South American Regional Council Coordinator. This mainly involves Skype calls (we actually use “Zoom” more these days), phone calls, and emailing. In April, I’ll be flying down to Cusco, Peru and to Bogota, Colombia. In Peru, I’ll be meeting with our ministry leaders from around the continent for a time of prayer, reflection, and planning. In Bogota, I’ll be meeting with the team there to assess the different possibilities for future ministry activity.

In late May and early June we have a special blessing that we hope to enjoy. We plan to fly to Chile for a field visit – a chance for us to make contacts, to investigate schools and housing, and to begin to know and understand Chilean culture. This will be the first time in Chile for our children and is an important step towards helping them find their place in this future ministry. On the return trip, we will be able to spend some time in Guadalajara! I think I’ll never understand why airline prices work as they do, but it’s about $120 cheaper per person to add Guadalajara to our itinerary than to go just to Chile and back. So, we get to save some money while visiting a place and people that are dear to our hearts. Our hope is that we will be able to encourage the churches there and that we will also be encouraged as we reconnect with old friends and as we see what the Lord is doing there.

All the Robertson clan – with Mary Denton at her baptism!
Moving to Chile:

There are a couple of big factors affecting when we can move to Chile. First, moving to the southern hemisphere means moving to a place where the school year is the opposite of ours. The only time when both school systems have a natural break is at Christmas (semester break for the USA, summer break for Chile). Second, we still have a good bit of support to raise. We still need about $2,000 per month. With those things in mind, we plan to make our move in early January, if all the funds have come in.

That does not mean, however, that we’re on vacation until then or that we’re not engaged in ministry. On the contrary, with two trips to South America already on the books and with the likelihood of a couple more before the end of the year, I’ll be doing quite a bit on the ground there, in addition to the calling, planning, encouraging, and praying that we’re doing on a regular basis. Additionally, we’ll continue to visit churches (there are some that we haven’t been able to connect with yet), and we will be serving with MTW in training and assessment opportunities.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to serve Christ and his kingdom!

Thank you so much for partnering with us! You are such a blessing to us from the Lord.
Que Dios los bendiga abundantemente.

With love,

The Robertsons

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Prayer Updates

Thanks so much for your prayers! We need you interceding for us.

We wanted to let you know how the Lord has blessed in response to the prayers of his people.

The reports from Guadalajara are encouraging. The Iglesia Cristo Rey Eterno continues to grow, the leaders are learning and maturing, and Antonio is getting close to being ready for ordination!

Over Christmas and New Year’s we were able to have a great reunion with my extended family – the first time we were all together in a decade!

We have experienced the Lord’s protection in so many ways as we’ve driven thousands of miles.

New support has begun to come in – thank you to those of you who have begun to partner with us!

Prayer Requests

Thanks so much for your prayers! We need you interceding for us.

Please pray that the Lord would work in us to shape us into the people that he wants us to be.

Please pray for Amy as she goes through Parakaleo trainmen – to be able to learn and grow and come away with more tools to help other women in ministry.

Please pray for the leadership retreat in Cusco in April. Pray that our time would be fruitful and the the Holy Spirit would guide us in his paths for future ministry in South America.

Please pray for our family as we visit our Chile and Mexico. Pray for protection as we travel, for our children as they begin to assimilate their role in ministry in Chile, and for our time in Guadalajara – that it would be an encouragement to all.

Please pray that additional funding would come in so that we can begin to make firm plans for moving.

Please pray for the myriad details that have to be worked through – visas, international shipping, housing arrangements, schooling decisions, and more.

Please continue to pray for the church in Guadalajara – that the church would continue to grow and serve.

Please pray that the Lord would provide a vehicle for us to use in Chile.

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