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Dear friends,

Merry Christmas! We pray that this note finds you well. Here in Medellín we’re getting ready for a bit of a break, and we’re grateful that all the kids are able to join us. Christmas here is a really big deal, and we’re enjoying the festive spirit while also getting more insights into the culture. The outworkings of the Roman Catholic traditions are different here than in places where we’ve served previously. Right now I’m listening to neighbors chant prayers to Mary and Joseph at a ‘novena’ (a sort of Christmas party). Each day is marked by different celebrations, usually accompanied by ‘polveras’ (fireworks noisemakers) – much to the distress of our dog. 

In ministry news:Our team’s church plant is off to a great start! We’re so thankful for the opportunities that the Lord is giving to minister to needy people. The Lord continues to add new people, and the church is fostering an environment in which doubting and struggling people can come and learn about the Savior.In October we visited Panama, where one of our teams has been planting a church among Venezuelan refugees. It was encouraging to be with them and see how the Lord is at work. Lately, the church plant has hit some setbacks due to changes in Panamanian law. In summary, the government has made it harder for Venezuelans to stay and work, forcing many of the church families to relocate to other countries. Pray as the church leadership seeks the Lord’s wisdom for advancing the work.A month later, we visited Chile for the first time since we moved away. It was great to reconnect with friends and to come alongside various ministry partners. The Lord continues to build his Kingdom there!Amy has finished up a practicum semester in her counseling program! It was a lot of work, but we’re grateful for how God opened so many doors for ministry and connection. She even went through an intensive for EMDR therapy – a relatively new treatment that has proven to be a great tool for helping people heal from past hurts. In the last few weeks I’ve had the chance to preach in Panama, Chile, and Colombia. It’s a part of ministry that I really enjoy, and I’m so encouraged to have the chance to share God’s Word more regularly.Recently, we’ve been able to have a lot of conversations about how we want to be doing missionary work, both at a regional level and a worldwide level. We want to do things well, for God’s glory, so that there is lasting positive impact from our efforts. This has led to some new ideas, new ventures, and some reinvigorated ministries. Please pray that this will continue and bear fruit.

Our teammates, the Bonhams and McCalls, are planting a new church in Rionegro, a satellite city of Medellín. The first Sunday service was on October 31st. It was well attended and greatly encouraging!

Connecting with friends and ministry partners in Chile and Panama!

We’re so grateful for you all! God uses your prayers, encouragement, and generosity to sustain us here on the field. Thank you! Like many ministry workers, about 25-30% of our annual giving comes through year end giving. Would you consider joining our support team through a year end gift? You may contribute either electronically (with the button just below) or by check (the mailing instructions are just below the button).  

Que Dios los bendiga abundantemente.

With love,

Steve & Amy
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Our main purpose as missionaries is to serve as catalysts in the formation of indigenous church planting movements. As MTW International Director for the Americas, my role is to serve our missionaries and partners as we all serve to that end. May Christ be glorified!

Some prayer needs:

Growth: We want to grow more into the people that Jesus wants us to be. Pray that we will submit ourselves to his will for us.

Indigenous Ministries of North America: Part of the team we work with is dedicated to ministry on reservations in the US and Canada. Covid has created many more challenges to this ministry, but perhaps the greatest new challenge has been the recent discoveries of mass burial sites at Indian boarding schools. The boarding school movement (1860-1970’s) pulled native children from their homes and tribes in order to ‘civilize’ them. The movement severely harmed families, tribes, and cultures. And so much of this was done by Christians. The recent discoveries of mass graves at former boardings schools have reopened many of the wounds for native peoples – and renewed their distrust of Christianity. Pray for healing for the tribes – and that they can find that ultimate healing in Jesus.

Time: We both have lots of responsibilities and opportunities. Pray that we would have wisdom to know what opportunities to invest in – and for us to have the cultural skill to navigate the things we need to say no to. 

Upcoming travel: It seems that every day a new and more confusing news item comes out about Covid and travel. One day it appears things will open up; the next they will shut down. We don’t know. But we long to be able to visit more directly with our missionaries and partners! There are several possibilities coming up in the new future. Pray for wisdom, protection, and guidance!

Scenes in Chile: Steve preaching behind a plexiglass protector, the surprise 8-legged host where we were staying, and a great friend!

Pesebres (Nativity Scenes) are also a big deal!
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