Happy Thanksgiving from the Robertsons!
Dear friends,

There is so much that the Lord has given to us, and as the redeemed of the Lord, we should make that known (Psalm 107). We give thanks because he is so good to us! Here are a handful of great things we have seen:

  • My time in Bogotá, Colombia was encouraging and productive. I met with several of our leaders from all over South America. We prayed, discussed, listened and strategized about the future of missions on the South American continent. I thank the Lord for these men and for their service to the kingdom of God.
  • Several new donors have come forward, and our $1,200/month shortfall is down to $700.   We’ve also had over 75% of our one-time need come in.
  • We have been able to submit all the required documents for our visas. Now we are waiting to see if everything is approved. There may well be more that they want from us – please pray that this process goes smoothly!
  • My time on the Covenant Theological Seminary campus was a great blessing. I was able to preach a chapel service and host a lunch for seminary students interested in foreign missions. I got to meet some great people and to encourage them to view all of life as a mission. My prayer is also that several of them will serve in foreign missions.
  • We are constantly amazed at our supporters’ generosity. So many people give to make our work possible. And we know that it can only be because the Lord has worked in people’s hearts.
  • Before moving to Columbia, Tennessee, we never would have imagined how special this place would become to us in such a short time. We are so grateful for the many friends the Lord has given us here and for the ministry of Zion Presbyterian Church.
Our trip to Covenant Seminary and St. Louis afforded us an extra perk – reconnecting with Whitney (Trotter) Ross. Whitney is the daughter of our amazing Guadalajara teammates Larry & Sandy Trotter. She was about 12 when we first met her, and now she’s in the residency program at Barnes Jewish Hospital. It is so good to see the Lord’s faithfulness to a ‘missionary kid,’ and it didn’t hurt that we got to hang out at the best frozen custard stand in the world!
But the subject line said something about surgery?!?!

Tuesday, November 29, I’m scheduled to have surgery sometime around noon (central time zone). I would greatly appreciate your prayers. It seems that I’ve got an umbilical hernia – a tear in the abdominal muscle on the front side of my stomach – that is causing some problems. It should be a relatively quick and straightforward procedure, but it is surgery, and I need your prayers for everything surgery-related.

This comes at a time that is quite “inconvenient” in my playbook. Getting ready for an international move is when I want to be strong and capable. Instead, the Lord has seen fit to limit me. I’ll have some pretty strict lifting limits that I’ll have to follow – or risk making things worse. This means that Amy, the kids, and others will have to bear the brunt of the sorting and packing and so forth that we’ll be facing. So don’t pray just for me but for all of us! We don’t yet know if this will affect the timing of our move. Our plan had been the first week of January, but now we’ll need the surgeon’s seal of approval before setting the precise date. Please be in prayer for all these things.

It’s easy for us to forget just how far away Chile is. This new map concept from AuthaGraph gives some perspective. 
Thank you so much for partnering with us! You are such a blessing to us from the Lord.
Que Dios los bendiga abundantemente.

With love,

The Robertsons

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Our Roles in Ministry:

Our vision at Mission to the World is the gospel of the kingdom advancing throughout the world. We want the gospel to spread throughout the world, the Church to grow, Satan’s kingdom destroyed, and Christ’s reign extended to the ends of the earth.

We are being called, in Chile and in South America, to follow this vision. We expect to live this vision out in three primary ways:

1) as a family, we will be sharing life and Christ with others:;

2) as part of a local church plant, we will serve in various capacities; and

3) as a regional coordinator for MTW, Steve will be serving throughout South America – working for the strong vision, health, peace, and partnership of Christ’s church.

In each of these ways, we’ll be seeking the exaltation of Jesus’ name and the further establishment of his church. Jesus brings life, and we long to see this life extend more and more throughout South America.

How might the Lord provide the remaining $700 per month that we lack?

The Lord has many ways, and we want his people to respond to him not as we plan but as he does. Humanly speaking, we’ve seen this work out sometimes like this:

$200 – 1 supporters
$150 – 1 supporter
$100 – 2 supporters
$50 – 2 supporters
$25 – 2 supporters

Would you consider taking one of these giving roles? Or to give in another way as the Lord leads you? Reply to us or use the button to the left can be used to register your commitment. Thank you so much!


We are venturing out – slightly! We have never been the most technologically savvy people, but the time has come for us to have a website. It’s simple, and for now it’s pretty limited to our prayer archives, but we’ll be adding more. Check out steveamyrobertson.orgwhen you have a chance.

Additional Prayer Requests

Thanks so much for your prayers! God truly works through them. If you’ve read this far, you may already have many things you wish to pray for. Here are a few more specifics.

Our hearts: Our greatest need always is to be growing in our relationship with Jesus. Pray for this – and that this growth would manifest itself in many ways: peace and tranquility in the midst of stressful times, acceptance of sometimes undesirable circumstances, and love for one another in the midst of all the ups and downs.

Wisdom: I need so much wisdom, understanding, and discernment in my role of regional coordinator, plus empathy, compassion, and humility. Please pray for me as a leader!


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Please put ‘Robertson 16521’ in the memo field.

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