God is good.

We went back to the PDI this morning (this is the Chilean FBI – who as part of their duties authenticate the entries and exits in the country. The stamp that was used on Amy’s & Mary Beth’s passports failed to print part of the date, and we couldn’t officially register as residents without that date authenticated. We’ve been around the block a few times in Latin America, and we’ve heard plenty of horror stories from others. We knew that this would most likely be either easy as could be or expensive, time-consuming, and headache-inducing.

We are so thankful for all of your prayers! The woman who attended us immediately understood the problem and put herself in the posture of how to help solve the problem. Which she did. In just a few minutes! Everyone in the family is now registered, and we are awaiting the arrival of our official ID cards. These will be necessary to be able to do basic transactions in Chile (buy a car, get a cell phone plan, etc.) Please pray that these come speedily!