Amy is in Monterrey, Mexico this week with a team of Parakaleo trainers.
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Dear friends,

Thank you so much for you prayers, love, and encouragement!

Would you please take a moment to pray for Amy and her fellow Parakaleo leaders right now? Parakaleo is a ministry to come alongside women in church planting so that they are trained, supported, and valued. This morning they begin an intensive training session with various women from around Latin America. This weeklong event will equip these women to go and minister to other church planters’ wives in their respective regions. Please pray for the trainers – that they would have clarity of thought and communication, as well as for the participants – that their hearts and minds would be open and that they would grasp more fully the gospel truths being presented.

This photo is from a spot just 2.5 miles from our apartment in Chile – where a protest became a riot, and many businesses were burned.
Protests, Violence, and Instability

South America has become increasingly unstable over the last few weeks. Things first sparked in Ecuador, where the government removed some subsidies on public transportation. Shortly after that, similar issues developed in Bolivia and Chile. There have been million-person protests, police and military using tear gas and water cannons against citizens, shootings, riots, looting, burning, and more. In Bolivia, it resulted in the president resigning and going into exile. In Chile, though there has been significant pressure on the president to resign, he has refused – but has offered instead to work with opposition in the development of a new constitution. It will be a while before we really know how any of these situations will be sorted out. Meanwhile, a large strike is scheduled for Thursday in Colombia, where things could also become much worse.

For us, these situations present unique challenges and opportunities. We are grateful that all of our missionaries and ministry partners are safe. For so many, life has been totally disrupted, and the foundations of society have been shaken. Spiritually speaking, this can be a good thing, as people realize that governments, bank accounts, education, and family businesses can’t save them. But it has also caused a lot of suffering, particularly among the most needy. Public transportation has been unreliable, business have been shut down, and travel has been unsafe in many parts. The result is that many are without work and without access to necessary resources. Please pray!

At the same time, please pray for open doors to the gospel and for God by his Spirit to lead us into fruitful ministry.

Protest in Santiago, Chile
Please keep in touch with us as you are able. Our new address is:

604 Mitchell Ave.
Columbia, TN 38401

…and our phone numbers are: Steve (615) 916-7519 and Amy (615) 916-7520.

Love in Christ,


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As International Director for the Americas, my role is to give leadership and pastoral care to our missionaries as we seek to fulfill our mission of making disciples among all the nations of the Americas. We are working together to see Christ’s Church established and strengthened so that the gospel of his kingdom will advance through all the world. Please pray for me in this mission!

Please be in prayer for several items:

For our continued reliance on Jesus day by day. We need him more and more – in ministry and in the rest of life. Pray that we will seek the Lord in all things.

For family time over Thanksgiving break. We have the chance to be together as a family and also be together with all of Amy’s siblings for the first time in a decade. Please pray for safe travels and good health and the chance to have meaningful time together.

For Johnny as he considers his future. College applications are in. Financial aid requests, too. Now we have to go one-by-one with every school to prove he is a US citizen! He was born in Mexico, which adds a few extra layers of bureaucracy to the process. Please pray the Lord will open the doors for the right place for him.

For Joseph and Mary Beth as they grow, mature, and face challenges in college. Joseph (junior) is studying computer science, and Mary Beth (sophomore) is studying physics. Both are at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

For our opportunities to visit with churches and with missionaries. We are traveling a lot – both to visit churches here in the USA to report on what the Lord is doing in the Americas and also to visit our missionaries in their mission fields. It’s an incredible encouragement to see how God is at work and to be able to serve these servants!


In the past few months, we’ve had the chance to visit supporting churches in Nashville, Tullahoma (TN), northeast Ohio, and Indianapolis. We’ve also been able to visit with missionaries among the Cherokee, Lummi, and Nooksack peoples (in Native America) and also in Mexico.

Lord willing, in December I will have the opportunity to preach at the ‘particularization’ of a church plant in Mexico as well as visit with several of our missionaries. Please pray for us!