View this email in your browserProgress in a Pandemic?Hi, friends. By now the negative comments, memes, and jokes about 2020 are more than anyone could count. And much of it for good reason. The Lord has seen fit to put our world through many trials this year. And many of you have felt acute pain. The same is true of missionaries and of those whom missionaries seek to reach. And yet, God has also chosen to reveal his power in the midst of our weakness. How? A few examples:

The shift from in-person training to virtual training: though not too many of us would assert that virtual training offers a better learning experience, God has used it to open doors that we didn’t even realize were there. Previously, travel costs and home responsibilities prevented many from participating in some of our training events. With so much moving virtually, it means that: 1) training is more accessible, and 2) training can happen more frequently. In the spring, Amy was involved in training a group of Parakaleo participants to be able to apply the gospel to the challenges in their ministry contexts. This fall, the trainees have become the trainers – organizing and directing virtual training to equip other women. It’s the first time this training has been fully Latin-led!

Multiplying the impact of mercy ministry: our team in La Ceiba, Honduras ministers to at-risk young men through job-skill training and discipleship. Due to COVID, the ministry has moved from group sessions in the ministry site to personal sessions in the young men’s homes. God is using this to allow our missionaries to share the gospel not just with young men but also with their entire families!

Darkening the virtual door of the church: during our years of ministry in Guadalajara, we invited many, many people to visit the church. Most of them said no. Or said yes but didn’t come. Entering a Christian church in a Catholic country is a big taboo, and many refused invitations either because they couldn’t get over the stigma themselves or because they couldn’t risk being seen going to church. But now we see some of them attending church online!

Joining an ‘unknown’ church: in Cusco, Perú the members of our church plant sought ways to bless their community in the midst of economic crisis. The Peruvian members identified people in particularly dire straits and then shared groceries with them. One of the recipients began to attend the church virtually and now says she wants to join the church when they get back to in-person worship services. As International Director for the Americas, my role is to give leadership and pastoral care to our missionaries as we seek to spark national church planting movements throughout the Americas. We are working together to see Christ’s Church established and strengthened so that the gospel of his kingdom will advance through all the world. Please pray for us in this mission!
Progress with Plans to Move?Like so many of you, our 2020 hasn’t turned out as we drew things up. In the spring we announced our intention to move to Medellín, Colombia right about…now. Moving is still the plan, but it won’t happen for a few months when we hope to have some more clarity about our ability to live and do ministry there. We have just initiated the visa process – please pray that things go smoothly!

In the meantime, we are still working to serve the region! That means a lot of Zoom meetings and electronic communication as well as a cautious re-entry into some travel. Lord willing, at the end of the month I’ll be in Medellín – connecting with some ministry leaders and preparing the way for a move sometime early next year. We’re learning to hold onto our plans more loosely; we’ll keep you updated as they come together.Prayer RequestsFor Amy and me to be able to depend more and more on the grace of our Savior.In general, Latin American countries enacted severe restrictions to prevent COVID spread. This has been so hard on citizens and missionaries. People are often limited to just a few hours a week in which they leave their homes. Housing is generally much smaller there, so families are often trapped in apartments or houses without yards. Pray for economic, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health.For my trip to Medellín October 29-November 5. That the Lord would keep me safe, that I would be an encouragement to ministry partners there, and that I would be able to make progress on moving arrangements.For Amy as she continues to pursue her counseling degree. For us and the kids as we prepare for a brand-new chapter with us abroad and the three of them in the USA.Click to support the RobertsonsWe’d love to know more about how you’re doing and how we can be praying for you. Would you take a minute and drop us a note? Or better yet, give us a call!

Love in Christ,