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The Lord is at work – in the midst of crisis.

Hi, friends. Happy Thanksgiving! We pray that this finds you well. There is so much to be thankful for, though we admit that it’s not as obvious to us at times. Reflecting on Matthew 14:22-33 lately, I’ve been struck by how at times the Lord comes to us in the middle of the storm. The pandemic for us has been a mix of pleasant (unexpected time with our kids) and not-so-pleasant (having our move to Colombia delayed). In the middle of it all, he assures us of his steadfast love for us. We also continue to receive reports from around Latin America of how God is expanding his kingdom even in the middle of a pandemic.

Travel resumed…but scaled back: A large part of my job description involves traveling – or it did until this past March. It does my soul so much good to get to see our missionaries and partners face to face and in action. But that wasn’t possible for many months. When a few needs and opportunities opened up, I was at it again. First, it was a quick trip to Querétaro, Mexico to some meetings to support the work of our missionaries and church planting network in Guadalajara (where we served for 10+ years). And with a quick turn-around, I then made a visit to Medellín, our next home. In both places it was encouraging to reconnect with partners and colleagues, to see what the Lord is doing among them, and to be able to pray with and for them. Most of all, it was a chance to renew our vision for ministry in Medellín. I believe the Lord wants to empower a gospel-centered church planting movement! Pray that he would do just that.

Hurricanes: In a two-week span, two ferocious hurricanes passed through Nicaragua and Honduras. The heavy rainfall led to flooding that wiped out bridges, destroyed crops and homes, and took lives. But it also opened up ministry doors for us, as we seek to show Christ’s love to the suffering world around us. As we had already been involved distributing food and necessities due to COVID, we were able to use our existing structure to reach out to many more.Cultural Icon Mash-up: Homer Simpson as Pablo Escobar. Or Pablo Escobar as Homer Simpson? Escobar is the most notorious cartel leader of all time. This graffiti image is at the base of the ‘cancha’ (basketball/soccer court) where the bodies of cartel victims would be laid out in Medellín in the 1990’s. To this day, there are those who believe Escobar was the hero and that the government was the villain.As International Director for the Americas, my role is to give leadership and pastoral care to our missionaries as we seek to spark national church planting movements throughout the Americas. We are working together to see Christ’s Church established and strengthened so that the gospel of his kingdom will advance through all the world. Please pray for us in this mission!
We’re getting to move to a beautiful place!Moving to Medellín.

From Columbia to Colombia…

We’ve made some great advances! Our residency visas are approved! It’s a huge ‘win’ to have this done before the holiday season. Very little official business gets done in Latin America during the month of December. Our timetable remains the same. Lord willing, in February/March we’ll be making our move. All of this is subject to how things work out with COVID. The Lord keeps teaching us to hold our plans with open hands. Prayer RequestsFor Amy and me to be able to depend more and more on the grace of our Savior.Please continue to pray for the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health of our missionaries and partners. Strict quarantining has taken a heavy toll on everyone.For Amy as she continues to pursue her counseling degree. For us and the kids as we prepare for a brand-new chapter with us abroad and the three of them in the USA.

‘Giving Tuesday’

This Tuesday has come to be known as Giving Tuesday. You are most assuredly receiving an onslaught of email requesting donations. We want to put three possibilities before you this year, all of which we believe are worthy of consideration.

MTW Compassion Funds: Since quarantining began, we have been able to designate $100,000 for COVID and natural disaster relief in Latin America alone. Giving to this fund allows us to continue the strategic use of mercy funds. Click here to give.

Latin American Training Facilitator: Javier Muñoz has been a MTW partner for over 25 years. For over 23 of those years he was a volunteer. Two years ago, he took on a more formal role as a regional trainer. In this role, he serves to train church leaders in Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Argentina (among others). His work is vital to the equipping of the next generation of leaders in Latin America. Click here to support him.

Moving to Medellín: Our move to Medellín has some one-time moving and set up costs. You can contribute to those costs, clicking here. Click to support the RobertsonsWe’d love to know more about how you’re doing and how we can be praying for you. Please send us a Christmas card – we’d love to see you and get an update! We’d love to send a card to you as well!

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If you wish to contribute by check, please note the following address:

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